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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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The cool thing about data is that it can tell you everything you need to know about your business.

The not so cool thing about data is that it can tell you nothing or tell you the wrong things about your business.

My role as a data analyst is to help you extract the stories and insights that are relevant and rich in meaning for your business. I strive to achieve this through a number of ways:

✅ Organize the datasets
Nobody likes working in a messy environment. Why should it be different with data? Datasets can be huge and cleanliness and good organization are mandatory.

✅ Make datasets beautiful
It should be easy to read the data. Consistent and clean formatting doesn't only ensure correct data structures, it also makes it easier to work with.

✅ Make the collection of data an easy process
Today every business works with large datasets and the more it can get, the better. The collection of data can be a nightmare, though. Getting your datasets from the platforms and tools you use to run your business should be automatic, consistent and done as fast and as frequent as possible, instant ideally.

✅ Tell stories, don't just show charts
It's part art, it's part technical knowledge. This is probably the highest challenge for any data analyst and data scientist. Telling the relevant stories, unearthing the interesting insights will always be the most interesting part of my job 🖤

My experience with data analytics spans over 5 years of working with Excel, PowerBI, Google Spreadsheets, Google Data Studio.

I've worked with social media datasets from platforms like Facebook and Google Analytics. I've also worked with real estate, financial, payroll, online shops, and platforms like Amazon, Shopify datasets.

I've automated processes with Excel-VBA, Microsoft Flow, Google scripts.

I'm currently intensively learning Python, Pandas, Matlab and other relevant libraries that go together with it.
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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Having spent the past decade-plus driving, measuring, and analyzing results for many advertisers, I developed a passion for data, reporting, and analysis. With that passion, I decided to found an independent consultancy with a vision to help businesses use data to make decisions. Over the years I have noticed that too often, people who are responsible for managing digital campaigns spend lots of time pulling data, and they actually spend very little time managing campaigns. I'm using my expierence in marketing and technology in order to make marketers' lives easier.

Such brands for which I have managed data strategy, technology implementation and/or media campaigns include, Crown & Caliber, Carhartt, The Home Depot, Havertys Furniture, Floor & Decor, OTHRSource, Kool Smiles, Liberty Medical, Hoveround, Piedmont Urgent Care, Travelzoo, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

I have held leadership roles at both Response Mine Interactive and Look-Listen where among many things, I helped build a digital media department, automated internal and client reporting, turned around a publicly-traded company, and mentored many individuals starting their careers in digital media & analytics.

When I'm not working I enjoy cooking, watching sports and spending time with my beautiful family. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with my wife Michelle, our sons Mason and Jaden, and our 50-lb black Labrador Retriever mix named Rallo.
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