Independent Consultant
London, United Kingdom

Fran is an Independent Consultant in Data Management, Business Analytics, and Salesforce. Fran has been trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies and fast growing companies of all sizes.

Fran has an excellent track record accelerating Decisions with Data and Analytics and contributing to the global Salesforce and Google developer community.

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Client Feedback

Rudderstack + Snowflake/BigQuery + Amplitude setup

February 2022

Fran did a fantastic job setting up our first data stack foundations, using Rudderstack, Snowflake, and Amplitude, from scratch. He's not only incredibly knowledgeable but also an absolute pleasure to work with - so much so that we decided to continue working with Fran on an ongoing basis after the conclusion of the project.

Reporting Automation

March 2021

Fran was a game changer for our team and this project was completed successfully. With his help we can now save 1 hour per day of manual work, and use this time to focus on more relevant activities. He delivered everything we have agreed on, and not only reached our expectations but went beyond them. Power Automate is a very useful tool, and now that we have learned how to use it, we can expand its usage for other segments of our company.

Integrate python into our data management model

December 2020

Fran Cardells was very helpful and exceeded our expectations. He provided us with 5 Tutorial sessions to learn how to connect BigQuery to Google Cloud Storage, how to create Flows on Tableau, how to create the necessary virtual environment and he also presented and explained step by step the python code made by him. He was available to answer emails when needed and was always open to questions. We believe that we now have all the tools and knowledge necessary to complete the Python data project at MASCOT.

Strategic & Advisory Skills

Big Data Analytics Analytics Data Management Data Analysis Data Mining Business Analytics Data Strategy Machine Learning Data Modelling

Tools & Technology Expertise

Databricks Jupyter Notebook Google Big Query Einstein analytics Salesforce Tableau API Snowflake Data Warehouse Google Cloud Patform Tableau Desktop Snowflake Data Engineering Snowflake Data Lake Snowflake Data Applications AWS EMR Apache Spark

Coding Languages & Frameworks

SQL Python Database Administration JSON Java Pandas Salesforce Heroku Database Design Relational Databases Cloud Database


College/ University

Software Engineering

University of Oxford Jan 2002 - Jan 2002

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