1. Get your business GDPR ready & data fit.

A strategic review of your customer data through two lenses:
i) How your business is complying with the principles of the GDPR, and where it is not, what practical steps it needs to take to address potential risks.
ii) How your business is delivering value from its customer data, and where we identify opportunities for optimisation, what plans you could put in place to build data-powered activities which could drive incremental growth for your business.


  • 1.1 Customer Data Strategy Workshop/Stakeholder Interviews - to define the Data Vision (your desired end game) for your business and the Data Strategy (how your business will use its data) to deliver your Data Vision. The outputs of this deliverable will be supplied as a presentation document which will define your vision, set out your business use cases for customer data and detail the practical data activities that can be executed to fuel your business growth.
  • 1.2 Customer Data Requirements - what data your business needs to collect & enhance to execute your Data Strategy. This identifies the most valuable customer data for your business. This deliverable will be supplied as a spreadsheet which will capture the data required to execute each of the data activities identified in Deliverable 1.1 (the Data Vision & Strategy presentation).
  • 1.3 Data Audit, Gap Analysis & Data Activity Roadmap - an audit of what data your business already captures vs your Customer Data Requirements (from Deliverable 1.2) to identify gaps that need to be filled. The Data Activity Roadmap will then provide your business with a practical plan for capturing the required customer data at the right stage of the customer journey/user experience. This deliverable is supplied in two parts - a spreadsheet documenting the findings from the Data Audit and Gap Analysis and a presentation document which provides a roadmap for each of the data activities to optimise data capture, customer experience and business growth.
  • 1.4 GDPR Considerations - to assess the risks associated with the capture and use of customer data for each data activity and provide practical recommendations for addressing these risks. It's important to note that these recommendations will be in the context of a customer data strategy and will not negate the need to seek specialist legal advice on data protection and GDPR compliance. The deliverable will be a document detailing GDPR considerations for each data activity with recommendations for addressing the perceived risks.

Required for completion

  • Access to stakeholders for the workshop/interviews. Access to data schema/dictionary. Access to customer database or a random sample of the customer database (either onsite, or via a VPN).