CRM QuickStart Solution

Well, we call them CRM 'SmartStarts'.

Our CRM SmartStart solutions have been designed to implement a core CRM solution into your business within as little as 5 working days. This includes work capture your requirements and key processes, configure the application, migrate data from your existing spreadsheet/databases, and train your users.

These solutions will give your team a single view of your customers - across all areas of your business. The solution would be tailored to align with your core sales processes, and help make closing and converting easier. Furthermore, you will gain from the benefits of improved client communications, increased customer satisfaction; and increased staff productivity and morale!

Our CRM SmartStart solutions are delivered on a discounted fixed price basis, and developed on a choice of different vendor platforms - including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Hubspot, SugarCRM and more.


  • Solution Specification
  • Core CRM Application to support Lead and Opportunity Management processes
  • Trained Users

Required for completion

  • Attend a free (telephone based) 1-2-1 Consultation