Customer Journey Optimization Consulting

We will work on setting up your online platform for rapid growth by choosing the right tools and implementing them. This may include marketing automation tools, product led growth tools, CRM, analytics etc, and leverages Segment as the integration hub. For 3 Months we will work on 2 stages of your Customer Funnel (choose from Discovery, Familiarity, Trial, Support, Purchase, Upsell, Retain, Refer). Our proprietary Customer Journey Optimization methodology establishes a growth framework in your company that empowers non-technical team members to experiment and iterate without developer involvement, increasing the velocity of your company's growth. At 6 weeks you will have a comprehensive Strategy document and at 3 months you will have all the tools implemented to achieve the goals of the stages of the funnel you have selected.


  • Customer Journey Optimization Strategy document
  • Definition of Behavioral Events and User Profile information for the Customer Data Platform
  • Implementation of selected tools and Analytics Dashboards

Required for completion

  • Provide access to existing toolsets used in company