Digital Analytics & Conversion Optimization Support

Monthly reserved time to provide ad-hoc support that requires expertise in Digital Analytics and/or Conversion Optimization.

Example tasks are:
* KPI sessions
* Analytics audit
* Measurement plan / Tracking plan
* Configuration / testing of measurements
* Performing digital analysis including delivery of insights
* Dashboards
* Conversion attribution
* Conversion Optimization strategy
* A/B & Multivariate testing
* UX review
* Flow analysis
* Training - Either strategic or tool specific

Tools: Google 360 ​​Suite, Adobe Analytics, Piwik, Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite, Qubit, Tealium, Klipfolio, Power BI, Relay42, Tableau, Optimizely, Google Optimize, Adobe Test & Target and Visual Website Optimizer.


  • Reports, instruction documents and actionable dashboards.
  • Improved knowledge by trainings.
  • Data, insights and value.

Required for completion

  • * Credentials for tools i.e. Adobe Analytics / Google Analytics * Possible access to test/acceptance environments