Intercom Audit & Optimization

Intercom is an advanced CRM and marketing automation solution used by many online businesses.

The issue with Intercom is that it's expensive and most businesses aren't getting ROI from the solution. I've helped many businesses optimize their usage of Intercom to significantly improve the ROI they receive from the solution.

The implementation of chat bots, increased usage of your existing data, and smarter email campaigns are just some of the ways I can help you get more from Intercom.


  • Intercom Audit: I will go through your existing Intercom setup and identify areas for improvement, long-hanging fruit and new integration possibilities. I will also use this opportunity to get to know your business better and understand how your existing operations infrastructure can be leveraged.
  • Optimization Roadmap: Once I've completed my audit I'll be able to provide recommendations on projects and tasks which will need to be checked off in order to get more value from Intercom. In most cases I can handle these tasks and if needed work directly with your developers. I'm very hands on.

Required for completion

  • Access to your Intercom account.