Online Business & Marketing Strategy

Formulating marketing strategies and tactics for various business and brand functions. 

Formulating strategies and plans using popular and widely used models for marketing and business planning. Whether you’re creating an overall marketing or digital marketing strategy or improving individual channel tactics like SEO or email marketing this is the tool to use.

Milestones include:
Current Situation — where are we now?
Marketing Objectives — where do we want to be?
Marketing Strategy — how do we get there?
Marketing Tactics — how exactly do we get there?
Action Plan — what is our plan?
Control & Optimization — did we get there?

Framework used offers a logical order for tackling various business and marketing plans. It is simple and easy to understand and use. Samples of plans can be provided upon request. Please let me know industry and use.


  • Full presentation deck in PDF and PowerPoint format detailing current situation, strategy and plan to move forward, tactics to support strategy, timeline plan and budgets, and finally a control tactics and a KPI framework to manage, monitor and optimize your plan and strategy.
  • Excel files for budgets and business model revenue and ROI simulation.
  • Set of performance dashboards to help you manage and optimize your business using Microsoft Power BI. Your data sources will be connected to a fully functional working Business Intelligence (BI) solution to help you monitor your business and optimize the proposed strategy and plan.

Required for completion

  • - Access to all current data and metrics solutions (Google analytics, shopify, salesforce, hubspot, tableau, etc.) - Copy of most up to date business and / or marketing plan (or a brief if not available) - Copy of most up to date business performance report (or a brief if not available) - A brief about the growth plans for this project and budgets available to move forward (What are your plans to move forward and what are your business and marketing objectives)