Professional Google Analytics Data Quality Clean Up

- You have some issues in your tracking but are not sure about them?
- You think you might have some issues but have no idea
- Your last Google Analytics account cleanup is longer than 6 month ago and your data might be a bit messy already?

It's time for clean up in your Google Analytics account.

Good data quality is the foundation of every data strategy. If you can trust your data, when you understand how the data tracking is set up you are ready to surface the valuable insights.

I run through a ~40 items checklist and analyse your account for risks, serious issues and improvements.

As start we will do a 30m kick-off call where you show me your setup and potential issues.

You will get an extensive report afterwards with clear instructions how to resolve the issues. Based on your confirmation I will then update the issues we can resolve in Google Analytics directly. For all changes I offer a one-time implementation check (when implemented 8 weeks after the audit).


  • Extensive Audit-Result of all found issues
  • Implementation of the audit results in Google Analytics
  • Implementation check for all changes that need development involvement.

Required for completion

  • Google Analytics access (just add me as a user).