Remote Basic Alteryx Training

Large classroom training is not a great way for most people to learn Alteryx. The fact that the software has so many different uses and the abilities of students very so greatly makes a couple days in a classroom environment a very ineffective way to learn Alteryx.

Instead, we offer individuals and small groups remote training to teach users how to adopt and use Alteryx. Prior to these training sessions we discuss what the data processing needs of the team has so that we can prepare data or build a training on the client's data.

While we have a core set of tools that we touch on because they are important to almost every Alteryx developer, creating a customized training based on the individual or small group's allows the students to learn better.


  • Students will learn the basics of Alteyx Software Students will be able to perform basic data processing Students will have a better sense of how Alteryx will relate to their job responsibilities

Required for completion

  • Alteryx Designer must be installed on the students' computers.Non-Disclosure Agreement, mutual confidentiality agreement, or similar.