Segment Audit & Optimization

Segment is one of the most powerful analytics solutions on the market today. Unfortunately it can be tricky to set up correctly and lead to all kinds of data-related issues.

I'm a certified Segment Pro and have implemented the solution for numerous businesses (both web and mobile). I can help you get maximum value from Segment by conducting a thorough audit of your current setup.


  • Audit Document - Contains my feedback, recommendations, risks and any other relevant information gathered during the audit. Usually in the form of a Google Doc to allow for collaboration.
  • Event Spreadsheet - Includes a list of your current events with relevant meta and volume info. This will help paint a better picture into your current usage of Segment. This spreadsheet goes hand-in-hand with with Audit Document
  • Summary Call - Video call to go over my findings and recommendations. All the major stakeholders should be on this call.

Required for completion

  • Credentials to Segment account; Demo account to see product in action; access to analyst / product manager who can answer questions.