Tableau Infrastructure Setup & Dashboard Development Roadmap

Tableau is the world leader in data visualization and a must-have addition to any serious BI stack.

I've helped revolutionize how companies operate by providing self-service analytics, data transparency and dramatically improved reporting, all through Tableau.

As part of this service package you'll receive the following:

*Setup of Tableau Online or Tableau Server
*5 hours of Tableau training
*A dashboard development roadmap
*Recommended MDS's (master data sources) for hosting on Tableau


  • Tableau Implementation: This involves walking you through the process of purchasing the relevant license/s for Tableau and making sure we have access post-purchase. I will also explain how Tableau works from a high-level and explain the differences in their licenses, hosting options and maintenance requirements.
  • Dashboard Development Roadmap: As part of this service package I'll complete a discovery of your business. This will allow me to learn your business so I can draw up a roadmap for dashboard development. This typically includes the first 1 - 3 dashboards we want to develop, recommended KPIs, widget types and other considerations.
  • Recommended MDS's (Master Data Sources): Tableau is a wonderful self-service BI tool. After my discovery of your business I'll be able to recommend some robust data sources which can be used by others in the organization. Once we start developing dashboards, I'll be able to start developing these data sources for you. This makes the self-service analytics much more scalable.

Required for completion

  • To get started I'll require the following from the client: *Access to key data silos in the organization. This typically includes the application database, CRMs, Google Analytics, etc. *Availability to answer questions I'll have on the business. *Once Tableau is purchased, to forward me the relevant emails so I can make sure Tableau is accessible.