Zapier Audit & Optimization

Zapier is an extremely powerful tool when leveraged to it's full capabilities.

I've worked with Zapier for over 4 years both as an operations specialist at a large SaaS company, and as an independent consultant.

I have developed a number of useful hacks using Zapier to increase productivity, increase sales, and even improve retention. I want to share these hacks with you and your team.


  • Audit Document: The audit document will contain a breakdown of my findings of your current usage of Zapier, ways to improve your zaps, and a list of new ways you can use Zapier to grow your business.
  • Training & supporting documentation: I will train you and your team on how to best use Zapier. This will allow you to continue exploring ways to leverage Zapier once the project is over.
  • Project Summary Call: At the end of the project we will jump on a call and go over my findings and to discuss next steps.

Required for completion

  • To work on this project for you I'll require the following: *Access to your Zapier account *Your availability to answer my questions on the business *If new tools need to be connected to Zapier then you'll need to assist in this process. I will provide clear instructions and guidance throughout.